Vacation 1

Well, the Sport wires have been removed and all the measurements taken from the Sport/Sprint dihedral and washout. I have installed the temporary set of wires with turnbuckles in each wire. This allows careful adjustment of each wire length while measuring the dihedral, washout and wire tension.

The first picture shows a shot down the leading edge. The much reduced dihedral is very evident.

The second shot shows the turnbuckles that are nicoed in each wire for adjustment.

The third shot shows an overall of the assembly with all the tubes and no sail. This is pretty neat and most people have never seen a quick without the sail,,,,,,,,,

The next step will be to remove these wires, measure each temporary cable, make a new set of proper wires using new tangs and such, reinstall the new set with a temporary lower set, and repeat the whole thing for the bottom wires.

It is possible that some minor adjustments may be required for the top wires once the bottom wires are properly pulling on the upper wires,,,, time will tell.

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